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Authorized exclusive representation and distribution of brands with international certifications, extensive warranties and provided extensive technical support directly from the manufacturer to advise the client from project development, implementation, maintenance and training.

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The most extensive, innovative, competitive and complete brand Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with built-in graphical interface (HMI) in one piece, with HMI adaptable to each project starts from a powerful micrOPLC Jazz®, the medium Vision ™ to the great Unistream ™ that displays videos, photos, pDF files and can do SCADA webserver. They include software, accessories and 18 languages at no additional cost. Comprehensive technical support, courses and laboratory applications.



Wide range of measurement and control solutions ultrasonic level, float, hydrostatic pressure and very innovative radar system to level chemical containers, light oils, fuel tanks, tanks, silos and water or waste tanks. Explosion product versions, intrinsically safe, or general-purpose contact sensors for corrosive, sticky or muddy sparkling proof. Steel for high temperatures. Submersible and external pressure for air, water, light and residual chemicals. versatile and economic, tailored customer solutions.


LED lights and alarm signaling for the entire production line, cava, vehicle, crane, buoys, sirens, shakers, programmable alarms sound, speech synthesizers. Built as tower lights stackable choice. Specifications for classified, explosion-proof for volatile environments, waterproof, low health standards areas. ISO 9001 certified Long life, energy saving. Eco Automation.



The most complete line of sensors, indicators and devices for measuring and monitoring the quality of water and aqueous solutions, flow, pressure, conductivity, pH, ORP, temperature and salinity, complemented by the extensive set pipes, fittings, connections and regulation and control valves in thermoplastic materials (PVC, CPVC, Kynar, PVDF, Polypropylene)



Drives or inverters or frequency converters or speed, known as AC Motor Drive (Frequency Inverter) since 1987 and export their products CE and ISO9001 certificates to more than 37 countries. Variety of 480/440, 380, 220 and 110 from 1 / 2HP up to 750HP. Eco Automation.



Omron Automation, Omron Electronics, 50K automation of Factory Automation, sensors, timers (timers), meters, relays, hour meters, Videojet, encoders, controllers, RFID identification, IR, vision, detectors brand, color, leakage, position, transparency, label, inverters, drivers, servo motors, PLC’s, HMI’s, self-regulated sources of power. Eco Automation.


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